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AXE Equipment Finance was founded by the owner of AXE Trailers, one of the largest commercial truck and trailer dealerships in the nation. The reason for expanding into this area was to create a solution to the many issues we noticed first-hand within the commercial financing industry. We realized many people were not given a chance due to various factors such as credit history, time in business, and more.

From start-ups to established corporations, we believe everybody deserves a fighting chance at accomplishing their dreams and achieving their goals. With an innovative mindset, we focus on completing each step of the process in a timely manner while maintaining high-quality attentiveness to our customers. Our highly trained staff has many years of experience to help guide our customers in accomplishing their equipment financing goals.

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Here at AXE Equipment Finance, we know each of our clients have different stories, backgrounds, and goals. Our main objective is to analyze each clients' individual situation and develop a strategy that works best for them. This does not only refer to getting our customers into the right truck or trailer, but also making sure we structure our loans to set our customers up for success. We are not looking for a transactional relationship, we are looking to develop your trust and be partners for life.


My name is Patrick Powell, owner and founder of AXE Trailers and AXE Equipment Finance. I started these businesses with the goal of helping the good, honest, and hard-working people of the trucking and transportation industry to accomplish their dreams. As truckers continue to keep America running, I felt it was our duty to give them all the tools necessary to excel in their operations. We make sure to analyze each of our clients' unique situations and structure a loan that best suits their individual needs. In addition, as we know the importance of communication and trust, we promise to be by your side every step of the way on your business journey. We hope that one day we can earn your business and create a long lasting relationship.
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