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What credit score will I need to finance a truck or trailer?

We have options available for all credit types!


Will you pull my personal credit with an inquiry when I apply?

Yes, we do need to pull your personal credit in order to achieve full transparency in regards to your credit score. This will help us in attaining the best deal possible and negotiate better rates. In some cases, businesses have not been established long enough or built enough business credit to be approved on their own. Pulling personal credit will allow us to gain approvals that may not have otherwise been possible. Our goal is to get the equipment approved under your business name so you can begin growing your business credit as your company expands. Once this business credit is further developed, we will no longer need to pull personal credit.


What if I have prior bankruptcy, liens or judgements?

We have a variety of programs that are geared towards helping customers who have previously experienced bankruptcy, or have liens or judgements reporting on their credit.


What are your interest rates?

Rates are dependent on your particular and unique situation. However, overall. our rates are incredibly competitive within the market. Due to long-lasting relationships with our lenders, we are able to negotiate interest rates and term lengths that are competitive with banks and credit unions while maintaining a quicker overall process.


Can I use collateral instead of a Down Payment?

Yes, if you prefer to use another piece of equipment that you own instead of giving a cash down payment, we can make that work for you.


What is your typical Transaction size?

Although we do loans ranging from $10K to well over $1M, the majority of our deals average between $50K-$150K.


Who insures my equipment?

You insure your own equipment, however our staff at AXE Equipment Finance will assist you with any arrangements you may need to make the process as seamless as possible.


How long is the term of loans you offer?

Most of our customers select term lengths between 36-60 months. However we offer lengths up to 84 months.

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